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Settlement in Canada

Move in Canada is here to provide you with the initial basic requirements that you would face once you move into the country. To make your decision a much easier one Move in Canada has partnered with some firms in order to improve the structure and procedure of making your shift to Canada.

Airport Transfer and Pickup - Bank Accounts - Health and PR Card etc.


We at Move in Canada are well experienced with travel and its requirements and fatigues. Once you have arrived into a country you need to get to a location, be it your new home or a hotel room that you may have pre booked, with guaranteed security and accuracy. But how to get there is the question. Understanding the situation, Move in Canada has set up a fleet of cars of different categories and sizes, available at your service from your very first landing into the country of Canada. We ensure you to get you to your desired location by being present and waiting for you even before you arrive. A chauffer-led service that guarantees the safety of your luggage along with you while you travel to your destination.

It doesn't end here. We make sure that you have actually arrived into the country and therefore we help you get your presence known by handling all your paper work which includes SIN (Social Insurance Number Card), PR (Permanent Resident Card), Health Documents and also help you with opening a bank account. Basically we are here for you at all times

Canada Real Estate - Buy - Rent - Short Term Rental through MLS in Dubai


Move in Canada has partnered with Roots Dream Real Estate, a well reputed real estate firm in Canada, to provide us with the best real estate solutions.

The first thing one requires after moving into a new country is a roof over their head. Therefore, Move in Canada deemed it vital to include a real estate firm in its business plan in order to provide premium estate solutions for the newcomers in town. |

You can remain at ease with the fact that Roots Dream will be able to find the best accommodation for you to settle into as soon as you reach the country. Roots Dream assures that it will be able to provide you with the best real estate solution according to your budget and at the same time fulfilling all your needs and wants related to location and proximity to places important to you.

Be it short and long term rentals or any requirement to buy or sell property in Canada, Roots Dream Real Estate can prove to be your best choice.

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