After You Arrive


Finding a place to live

Your first decision when you are looking for a place to live is whether to rent or buy a house or apartment. Apartments and houses for rent are usually listed in the classified advertising section of your local newspaper. Most homes in Canada are sold through real estate agents, although some owners sell their homes themselves. You may see For Sale signs posted in front of such homes and you can read about them in the classified advertising section of your local newspaper. There are also many Internet sites that advertise homes for sale. Whether you decide to rent or buy a home, it is essential that you establish a good credit history in Canada. Banks will use your credit history to determine whether they will loan you money to buy a home. If you decide to rent, your credit history will be used by your landlord to determine whether you are likely to meet your rent obligations. For more information about the types of credit available in Canada and what you can do establish and maintain a good credit history once you arrive, visit the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada website.

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